The Real Color of Green

For a while now the new buzz word for our clients and manufacturers has been “green” products, which are products that are specifically designed to cause less damage to the environment.  In concept we can all agree that thinking green is a good idea.

Does a new green product make your client green? What can we do as distributors to help our clients become green?

When working with a facility manager who wants to become green, the first step is to identify what in the client’s system or processes is not working to peak efficiency.  This seems like a no brainer, but it is amazing how many clients want to talk green when valves are leaking, pipes are not properly insulated, boilers are not firing efficiently, or oversized and undersized control valves and equipment are not addressed. As controls experts our integrity is on the line here folks!  Take the time to look carefully at the job site and determine what core products you sell that will increase the bottom line energy savings to a client’s facility. Take the time to offer your help and knowledge even on the products you may not sell but may contribute in helping your product be more efficient.

When a client’s system is running properly it is easier for you to show the client where and how that new green product can help them become GREENER, and that my friend is the real color of green.

In the Georgia and Florida areas please contact your Stromquist and Company representative to help you with your energy savings needs.


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