The Right Way to Install a Gas Pressure Regulator

It’s getting cold outside…..well maybe not yet, but it will start getting cold soon. When it get’s cold we turn the heat on, and when we turn the heat on, we find out what broke during the warm days of spring and summer. In the spirt of making sure replacement heating stuff get’s installed properly, we are re releasing one of our most popular technical videos on how to install a gas pressure regulator the right way.
Stromquist & Company’s, Matt Koenig, gives you the step by step instructions you need to make sure your gas pressure regulators will work. If you do not install gas pressure regulators correctly they will not work.

A disclaimer, gas pressure regulators can be dangerous and should only be installed by qualified professionals. Another disclaimer, if you are not a qualified professional and are watching this video, you have way to much time on your hands, get help now!

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