Energy Saving Timers

Everyone is looking for simple and inexpensive ways to save energy and money.  Here’s a thought to consider:  hot water heater timers.  Intermatic’s WH Series time switches provide automatic control for electric water heaters. They provide to-the-minute accuracy in programming and time keeping, and they can be programmed for repeat daily scheduling, 5-day working week scheduling, weekend scheduling or any individual day scheduling. Timers can be scheduled for operation during the lowest time-of-day rates or to switch off the electric heater during periods of peak power usage. The time switch can be set to operate for up to 6 ON/OFF operations daily for a maximum of 42 on/off operations weekly. They provide a convenient external override switch and LED load indicator for ease in scheduling hot water as required for extra hot water demands.

If you are in Georgia or Florida, you can contact Stromquist for more information on Intermatic timers.  All others can order this product from one of our affiliates at CGNA.




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