GC Valves TIP: Solenoid Valves for Oil & Gas Burner Pilot Applications

CS_GCV2-700x400 GC Valves offers very competitive, high-quality solenoid valve solutions for general purpose, oil and natural gas burner, and custom-solenoid valve applications.

Now that the cold weather has arrived, here is a reminder that GC Valves manufactures some of the most popular pilot valves for oil and natural gas burners.

Our S31 and S30 direct acting valves cover a wide range of fuel oil and natural gas flows and pressures. The S40 piloted piston offers a unique combination of high flow 3/8″ orifice and a 300 psi pressure differential rating. You can see a list of common products for combustion applications from 1/8″ to 2″ NPT our website at gcvalves.com/agCombustion.htm.

Contact the Region Office to learn more about our general purpose solenoid valves for air and similar gases, water, hot water, steam, RO/DI water, chemicals, vacuum, combustible fluids, cryogenics, high pressure, anti-water hammer, explosion proof applications and more.

And be sure to investigate our archives for TechTIPs & FAQs. We hope you’ll find valuable information about Applications, Electrical Requirements, Design/Operation, and Energy Efficient Solenoid Valves from CFA.

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  2. Thank you for mentioning that now that winter has arrived, it is important to remember that GC Valves produces some of the most well-liked pilot valves for natural gas and oil burners. For the next project at my plant, a special solenoid valve is required. I will work with the custom solenoid valve business to assist us in installing the valve.

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