Thermokon: Energy Harvesting meets Display — No Batteries, No Wires!

Thermokon_Image Energy Harvesting meets Display – No Batteries, No Wires!

The redesigned room operating units are in line with the “thanos” design characteristics. A variety of options are available:

SR06: Combined room temperature and humidity sensor with display.
SR07: Available with set point adjustment, day/night time mode and multi-function push button.

The SR06LCD is the highlight of this new and innovative series. With its maximum power energy management the unit operates without external supply voltage. The custom solar cell self-sufficiently powers the device and the energy is harvested by artificial or natural light sources in a room.

A continual indication temperature and humidity, set point, fan stages, presence and window status without user wake up is displayed and the ability to control room comfort levels with set point and fan stages buttons. External reset option and the integration of external values such as occupancy or window status via the EnOcean bi-directional “Smart Acknowledgement” technology.

Thermokon Americas LP will be exhibiting at the AHR show in New York from the 21-23 January, 2014.

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