Why Belimo Gets it Right: Watch the Belimo Valve Test Lab Tour

BelimoBelimo’s engineering prowess and innovation set the global standards in comfort, energy efficiency, and safety solutions. This video, previewing the Belimo Valve Test Lab, gives insight as to how such unparalleled standards are set and maintained.

Belimo’s performance testing verifies that our products comply with industry and trade association specifications, including ANSI, EN, IEC, ISA, MSS, and VDI/VDE. Our testing is performed with ISO 9000 traceability.

Our performance testing provides assurance to our customers that they’ve made the right decision by choosing Belimo. Flow testing includes: equal percentage curve, pressure independent curve, and rangeability. Shell testing is performed for threaded and flanged valves up to 5,000 psi. Automated systems for flow testing improve accuracy, precision, repeatability, and efficiency. Our lab’s flow testing capacity is 6,000 GPM (with the largest pump capable of providing 3,000 GPM).

Our durability testing involves subjecting valves to 100,000 cycles at worst-case temperature and differential pressure. We have the capacity to test over 240 valves ranging from DN 10 to DN 150, with a maximum media temperature of 302°F (150°C). With 12,000 GPM durability testing capacity, we could fill one Olympic size swimming pool every hour or one standard above-ground pool every minute. We also perform Long Life testing, where the valve is subjected to application conditions for months to even years at a time.

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