GC Valves NEWS: Solenoid Valve Terminology added to NEWS, TIPS, FAQs Archive

GCValves2Chuck Stevens, GC Valves, has added definitions for common technical terms to the email archive. This is an updated version of a document that Chuck has used in distributor training for over 15 years. From AC to Zero Differential, these are the common terms and phrases that engineers and buyers need to know to accurately write a specification or compare products.

CLICK HERE to open the Solenoid Valve Terminology page.

And let Chuck know at the Region Office if there is a term that should be added or clarified. Over the years, solenoid valve manufacturers have adopted differing terms that refer to the same element or function. So, if you need a servo valve (piloted diaphragm in his dictionary) or have a question about a core tube (which he calls a plunger tube), just call or send him an email and he’ll do his best to help.

Chuck Stevens – GC Valves Solenoid Valves
PO Box 2057 – Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania 16066
724-772-8900 – fax 412-202-9616

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