Comfort and Control in Hi-Def

Honeywell’s newest thermostat, the Prestige, is the first high-definition, full-color thermostat. It redefines not only how a thermostat looks but also what it can do.

Simple Touchscreen Technology — no hidden doors or complex buttons
High-Definition, Color Display — visual clarity of the display is 3 times better than typical thermostats
Graphics — uses a graphical user interface to display information in a way that’s easy to understand
User Friendly — consumers rated up to 10 times easier to use than other thermostats
Tri-Lingual — English, Spanish and French installation and display options
Temperature Control On-Demand — sense and remotely adjust temperature from anywhere in the home
Added Information — outdoor temperature and humidity displayed on screen

A Prestige thermostat installs in minutes and programs itself. The patented, interview-based setup screens use natural language to ask questions like “How many stages of heating are you running?” to guide installers through setup with no need for an installation manual. The same interview process is used for homeowner setup. After the questions are answered, the thermostat programs itself. If there are problems, the on-board manual gives definitions and directions for every screen.

Another great feature of the Prestige is the ability to download information. After installing Prestige for a specific type of equipment, simply download the settings to a standard USB drive and transfer them to all future jobs where you use Prestige with the same type of equipment.

While Prestige thermostats are wired, they are enabled with RedLINK™ Wireless Technology inside to offer endless possibilities for controlling and monitoring comfort with Honeywell system enhancements like the Portable Comfort Control, Wireless Outdoor Sensor and TrueSTEAM™ Humidification System.

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