Honeywell Analytics E3 Point Gas Monitoring System

Having sold several of the Honeywell E3 point systems in the past I find this toxic/combustible gas monitor is one of the most versatile systems in the industry.



Available in both wall and duct mounted models the E3 Point can be configured as a standalone device with single or dual gas (via remote sensor) for monitoring or a fully addressable,networked system that can be included with a building automation system using Modbus or BACnet. When networked,up to 96 E3 Point unit can be linked, or daisy-chained,on a 301C controller to other building systems.


So if you are working with a new project or reto-fitting a current project call Stromquist and Company for you toxic/combustibale



The E3Point uses self-testing diagnostics and an accurate, reliable electrochemical and catalytic bead sensor technology that reduces false alarms. The Honeywell E3Point Gas Monitor features an audible alarm greater than 85 dBA at 3m (10 ft) and has an accuracy of ± 3% of full-scale at 25°C. Gas concentration values, sensor data and other diagnostic information can be viewed on the Honeywell E3Point Gas Monitor main unit’s LCD display. Interchangeable sensors are pre-calibrated at the factory and can be exchanged quickly and easily.



So if you are working with a new project or retofitting a current project call Stromquist and Company @ 1-800-241-9471 for you toxic/combustible gas monitoring needs. We can help.


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