Honeywell Industrial Controls Training Part 2

In this class Matt continues his discussion of when and how to use the Honeywell UDC2500 and UDC3200. Matt also shows us why the new Honeywell DR4500 Truline circular chart recorder is far superior to conventional “pen dragger” recorders. See how to power temperature, flow, humidity, and differential flow transmitters from either the Honeywell DR4500 circular recorders or by using the auxiliary output option on the Honeywell UDC3200.
Matt also introduces us to the different types of communication protocals used in industrial transmitters including foundation field bus, Honeywell DE, and Hart. Learn when and how these protocols are used and why the Honeywell MCTOOL KIT communicator is the only communicator you will need to set up and communicate with all your transmitters from Honeywell to Rosemount.

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