Weiss Vari-angle Digital Thermometer

Weiss Instruments has over 100 years experience in manufacturing a complete line of quality thermometers and pressure gauges.  One of their products is great for new installations or replacement of industrial glass and bimetal thermometers.  It is a vari-angle digital thermometer that is mercury free and light powered.  Yes, light powered!  It works for chilled, condenser and hot water applications, has a fast response time and is F/C switchable.  Its accuracy is within 1% and ranges from -50 to 300 degrees F.

Weiss also offers the first “self-indicating” temperature transmitter that is light powered. Combining their mercury-free solar thermometer with a loop-powered 4 to 20mA transmitter results in a single unit that allows local reading and remote transmitting for HVAC systems, building automation or anywhere local and remote readings are required. Dual sensors offer independent operation for reliability and convenience. It requires one thermowell which saves time and money without sacrificing performance.

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