ACI’s Differential Low Pressure Sensor has Arrived — The DLP is Available Now!

ACI is combining all the best features from multiple products to create an all-encompassing differential pressure option that should make a huge impact! Every aspect of this product was analyzed and designed to maximize the value it will present to you!

Industry trends point towards increasing the accuracy on front-line monitoring devices such as measuring building static pressure. The standard accuracy for the DLP Series is +/- 0.50% but can be specified to 0.25%. Field adjustable ranges and outputs broaden the applications each unit will cover. In addition, the newly designed enclosure is attractive, robust, provides easy access, and is quick to install.

Other highlights include: * Field Selectable Pressure Ranges * Ranges from 0.1″ to 40″ w.c. * Uni and Bi-Directional Ranges * Field Selectable Outputs * Zero Function * Optional, Large LCD Display * Pitot Tube/Din Rail Accessories * 1/2″ NPT Conduit Knockout * Push Down / Spring Terminal Blocks * Durable Polycarbonate Enclosure * Optional, N.I.S.T Certification * Fewer SKU’s / Reduced Inventory

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