ACI Now has an All-in-one Glycol Filled Freezer Sensor Option!

ACI_1ACI now has an all-in-one glycol filled freezer sensor option! We have taken the complications of dealing with glycol off your hands and consolidated your purchasing to one source, ACI. The two ounce bottle comes filled with a propylene glycol solution and includes a velcro strap for quick installation. There are several sensor types and cable lengths to meet your specifications.

Temperature Buffer for Freezer Applications!

ACI_GLYCOLThe ACI Glycol Bottle Series is available for freezer and cryogenic applications down to -13oF (-25oC).
The bottle is used as a thermal buffer to prevent constant alarming from doors opening. It may be filled
with glass beads or glycol solutions and should be used in conjunction with ACI’s Freezer Sensor Series.

The 3PT-KIT option offers three sensor wells for consistency and ease of validation.
ACI offers the convenience of prefilling your glycol bottle assembly for installation right out of the
package. Numerous thermistor and RTD sensors are available in 4” lengths to be used in conjunction with
ACI’s 2 ounce glycol bottle.

They also ship with a Velcro strap for additional installation convenience.
The Glycol Bottle is covered by ACI’s Five (5) Year Limited Warranty. The warranty can be found in the
front of ACI’s Sensors & Transmitters catalog, as well as on ACI’s web site,

Call us today to order! 1-888-967-5224 Click here to view our new Glycol datasheet. To visit ACI’s Filled Glycol Product Page; including additional information and buying information, Click Here.

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  1. We are interested in your 3 PRT glycol bottle kit to use in our -80 C freezers to use as a buffer, but also to add a PRT probe for calibration using a NIST traceable thermometer. Glycol is messy. If glass beads are used, can a PRT calibration probe be added even if the buffer bottle is already at -80 C ? Also, do you have a 2 RTD version?

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