ACI — Combining Great People with Great Products! Is it a Wisconsin Thing?

aci logoACI is nominated for the 2013 ControlTrends Awards for Best Periphery Product from a Small Manufacturer, but ACI is likely to outgrow that category and soon, because ACI is a thriving entity on the move — setting new standards in the temperature, humidity, pressure, gas sensor, interface devices, wireless sensor, and building automation accessories markets. ACI’s two key acquisitions: Advanced Control Technologies’ (ACT’s) Interface Control Components line and Trs Systems Wireless Sensors and Controls give ACI complete application solutions and a much greater reach into every building space.

Few manufacturing companies are able to balance an aggressive competitive spirit with a palpable corporate heartbeat. ACI is not just an industry leader, but a committed community member able to sustain an active and viable community commitment, which is not an easy task to perform. ACI does it all so well and they make it seem easy. Take a look at ACI’s intuitive website, you’ll be very impressed.

ACI works hard to make to make your job easier, and is quite professional and friendly while they’re doing it!

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