ACI’s Barry Gordon Reminder — ACI purchased ACT’s Line of Interface Devices

aci-actYou might already be aware that ACI purchased ACT’s line of Interface Devices a while back. They are now manufactured in the USA at our Middleton based production facility. We stock an impressive variety of Interface Devices at ACI, and they can be combined with your Temperature, RH, Pressure, Gas, or Current Sensor orders.

Here is a link to the datasheets for all of the Interface Devices, along with list prices:”> Please give me a call or email for your net pricing, or with any application or technical questions.

Below you will find links to some information on common models:

ARM analog rescaling module-convert one analog signal to another (

PXP series analog to pneumatic converter (

EPC series analog to pneumatic converter with selectable output (

AAR analog input to two adjustable relay outputs (

6N1-ISO six analog inputs to hi, low, average, or binary output (

Interface Devices, also known as Interface Control Components (ICC), are primarily used to transfer, modify, condition and isolate signals between computer controllers, sensors, actuators and any other field devices. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems often require Interface Devices to link equipment from different manufacturers and different technologies, and are especially common in retro-fit applications.

Industrial Processes also monitor inputs from various sensors and condition signals for acceptance and manipulation by their computer controllers. ACI Interface Devices help Building Automation System managers address the need to improve energy efficiency, regardless of the software, firmware or hardware involved.

As always, feel free to get in touch with me if I can answer questions, or be of assistance.

Thank you and have a great day!

Barry Gordon
Sales Engineer
Automation Components, Inc.

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