Belimo – Fire Protection Scenarios: Motorized vs Non-Motorized Fire Dampers

belimo_fireEnsuring the safety of human life and property in buildings is one of the toughest demands that planners, builders, owners, inspectors and operators are called upon to face. Smoke related injuries and deaths outnumber fire related injuries and deaths four to one. This is a high concern for the safety of occupants and firefighters who need to travel through the building emergency exit routes as quickly as possible. Tactical methods for smoke control and compartmentation include dedicated and non-dedicated systems, fans, smoke vents and fire doors in combination with fire and smoke dampers. Strategy varies with each situation. Belimo Fire and Smoke actuators provide optimized functionality for maximum safety.

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  1. Reference to your post for the announcement of TB3026B” Fixed Function Thermostat.

    Would humbly request to confirm that Honeywell BAS product “TB3026B” Fixed Function Thermostat is compatible with CP-IPC & Honeywell EBI or NOT.

    As i have come to know that even being a BTL listed product TB3026B has communication issues with CP-IPC and EBI.

    In this regards, your clarification shall be really appreciated.


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