Belimo’s New Advanced Butterfly Valve Technology for High Flow Applications

The newly designed butterfly valve and actuator assembly is the most intelligent, energy efficient, and reliable high flow solution in the HVAC market. With a focus on the ease of installation, application flexibility and longevity, this series sets new performance standards in HVAC applications. Innovative – User Friendly – Reliable, Belimo’s New Advanced Butterfly Valve Technology for High Flow Applications is the Most Intelligent Butterfly Valve on the Market!

* Saves energy with up to 80% less power consumption and reduces transformer and wiring costs.
* Patent pending, self-adjusting end stop logic ensures zero leakage at 200 psi close-off.
* Industry leading fail-safe function and universal power supply input 24-240 VAC /
* 24-125 VDC requires only one actuator type which eases planning and increases flexibility for all applications
* Unique position indication viewable for easy troubleshooting.
* Near Field Communication (NFC) along with BACnet communication protocol provide superior application data access.


The resilient seated butterfly valves are designed to meet the needs of HVAC and commercial applications requiring zero leakage. The large Cv values provide for an economical control valve solution for larger flow applications and designed for use in ANSI flanged piping systems. Typical applications include chiller isolation, cooling tower isolation, change-over systems, large air handler coil control, and bypass and process control applications.

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  1. Can you host the Applications PDF file online or link to a version already online? The “Applications” link points to a local file on Ken’s computer at the moment, which I (obviously) do not have access to. 🙂 Thanks guys!

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