EasyIO is Proud Premier Sponsor at the 2014 Niagara Summit, in Las Vegas

MikeMarston A message from EasyIO’s Mike Marston: EasyIO is delighted and proud, to again be a Premier Sponsor at the 2014 Niagara Summit, in Las Vegas. At this 2014 Summit, EasyIO will release many new features that have been added to its flagship FG Series range of Controllers. The FG is not to be confused with a JACE, as it is targeted at the smaller building’s market sector, however, it does leverage the Niagara Framework, and works perfectly with a JACE or Supervisor, as its Area Controller and/or Supervisor. It also enables Niagara users to compete head on with the multiple non Niagara Solutions in the market.

EasyIO uses the Niagara Workbench to program the whole range of FG’s, 30P’s and FC Controllers. It also supports other tools, giving customers an opportunity to start with the EasyIO Controllers and then step up to Niagara when they are ready and qualified, to do so.

On 23rd January in NYC, this year, EasyIO FG Series won the prestigious CTA Award for the Building Automation Controller of the Year, retaining this title for the second year in a row. EasyIO also won two other CTA awards at the same event, namely, Best Technical Support Vendor, and PID Person of the Year award.

EasyIO is enjoying awesome worldwide growth with its FG Controllers, and also in sales of EasyIO branded Niagara Solutions. At this 2014 Summit EasyIO will be showcasing the following new and improved features:

· Device to Enterprise Push Data
· Device to Enterprise http (web services) data requests
· Built-in SQL Lite Database
· FG Graphics with new Widget features
· Massive History Storage at the SD card, and multiple Data retrieval methods
· BACnet Client and Server UI’s

Note: This can open up new markets for you as now you have a solution which has no fees, no software cost and an awesome product that competes head on with the Non Niagara products.

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