Global EasyIO Partner Event Day 2, The Rules Have Changed! Introducing the FW Series Wireless Solutions, New Quad-Core Processor Server Class Controller

Day 2 introduced EasyIO’s World Class Leadership team spearheaded by Mike Marston, VP of EasyIO Holdings Pte Ltd., Lim Hoon Chiat, CTO/R&D EasyIO Holdings Pte Ltd., Johan Schakenraad, President & CEO EasyIO Europe, B.V. and Guido van Erp International Sales Manager, and Bullzevents. Lim demonstrated wireless wizardry for retrofits and Jim Stiber of Control Consultants, Inc., reviewed VAV and CVAHU applications for the new FW-8V. Guest Presenters included David Kipling, Vice President of Jabil Circuit Inc. (US), Andrius Jasiulionis, Automation Engineer, Helgevold Electro (Norway)and Scott Muench, VP Marketing, J2 Innovations (US)

GAME-CHANGING TECHNOLOGY: Lim Hoon Chiat and his EasyIO team continue to raise the bar introducing the FS-32, a high performance, server class controller with a quad-core processor and 8GB flash. Lim issued an industry-wide challenge to see if you have application or project big enough to slow it down (by then, he’ll have the 10 core processor ready). With the powerful CPT tool, software capabilities with HTML5 graphics, multi-functional adapter widgets, and the built-in VPN client/server, the FS-32 BMS controller is the industry’s biggest bang for the buck!

FW Series leads the Wireless Way! The FW-14 and FW-8 are freely programmable, Wi-Fi Sedona controllers that offer significant labor and wiring savings — simplify the extension your BMS network. Featuring SOX, TCOM, FGP2P and BACnet communication protocols, they are ideal for fan coil, AHU, and stand-alone applications. The FW-8V is a FW VAV controller that includes a built-in pressure pick-up sensor for air flow measurement.

The afternoon highlight was the tour of the Manchester United stadium, which was an amazing chance to see up-close and real, the playing field and facilities of one of the greatest sport franchises in the world. The evening at Audacious Church was the best team-building event of all times.

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