The Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance in Full Force — The Global EasyIO Partner Event to Begin in Manchester, UK!

The Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance is all about making buildings better, more intelligent, more connected, and above all, the best places possible for people to live, study, and work. Where better to begin our renaissance reference than in Edinburgh, Scotland, known as the Athens of the North, a remarkable and proud city that led the 17th century world into a new age of enlightenment in the fields of economics, science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, philosophy, and literature. In a similar vein of thought, we talk about EasyIO, and Mike Marston, a true Rousseau in our industry and Lim Hoon Chiat, the IoT da Vinci, because we seriously recognize how they are driving change in our industry, and how they serve as the forces of progress advancing industry expectations in the pursuit of providing the most advanced and market-ready, sellable complement of hardware and software tools available for any building, large or small. We look forward to the new products and solutions to be released at this year’s Global Partner Event as EasyIO continues to set the pace in The Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance.

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