Global EasyIO Partner Event 2015 — Conference Highlights & Meeting Itinerary

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 9.44.50 AM Global EasyIO Partner Event 2015: Paris, September 20-22! EasyIO is changing the way Building Automation is deployed, while significantly reducing installation costs. EasyIO’s global partner event will unveil awesome new products and features that will further enhance building management and energy solutions — for all building types.

Sunday September 20:
EasyIO Global pre-event informal gathering.
Location: The Hard Rock Cafe Paris | 14 Boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris Time: Start 9 PM – Finish 12 PM

Monday September 21:
* Sponsor show
* Welcome (Bullzevents)
* Sales & Marketing (EasyIO Europe)
* Nodon, new Enocean power meters and switches (Nodon)
* Live Demo Enocean & CPT features such as widgets (EasyIO Europe)
* Break & Sponsor show
* Roadmap, where are we heading (EasyIO)
* EasyStack (EasyIO & J2 sponsor)
* Bacnet profiles and demo (EasyIO)
* Lunch & Sponsor show
* Intellastar (sponsor)
* SkySpark (sponsor)
* Belimo MP and opportunities (sponsor) Belimo to FG demo (EasyIO)
* Break & Sponsor show
* Contemporary Controls (sponsor)
* Greystone (sponsor)
* Closing – Program for Monday etc. Sponsor Network

Evening program at The LIDO (You will need to get to the Lido at your own expense and transportation). 19:00 Cocktail at the VIP Bluebell room 20:00 Dinner with a magical orchestra 21:00 Show “PARIS MERVEILLES” 22:45 End of the show. Location: Lido de Paris, 116 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris Taxi costs will be around 7 euros. By Metro please click here.

Tuesday September 22:
* EasyIO’s iPad Paris City Challenge*
* Gathering on the Avenue Gustav Eiffel (Park behind the Eiffel Tower) and organizing game groups
* Group photo (takes organizing skills of everybody to get this done) Start iPad City Challenge with assignments and boarding the L’Open Tour hopp-on hopp-off busses
* Start arranging sponsor area at The Hard Rock Café Paris (Upstairs) End iPad City Challenge for attendees, all gather at the HRC Paris Lunch and sponsor area network at Mezzanine sponsor area Announcement winners of the iPad City Challenge game and prices Final words and closing of the EasyIO Global event Paris 2015
* Attendees will be divided in smaller groups. They will be handed a iPad mini to be your guide during the game.
* This iPad Challenge game is especially designed and organized by Bullzevents for EasyIO.

In short please NOTICE:

➘ At the Hard Rock Café on Sunday you will receive a EasyIO keycord – please do not lose this. You will need it for entrance of the conference on Monday and the iPad Challenge on Tuesday.
➘ The main language during the 2 day event will be English.
➘ We all are on a strict time schedule; please respect this.
➘ If you have any food allergies please let us know asap!

Johan Schakenraad | CEO | +31 6 8399 1839 | EasyIO Europe B.V. |

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