Honeywell Announces Release of WEBs-N4.2.36.38

Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of the WEBs-N4.2.36.38 software that is packaged with Spyder, Stryker Venom and BACnet FF Tstat programming tools.

Main Features:

* This is a packaged release with Honeywell tools within the Niagara N4.2.36.38 software build.

* This release Fixes software issues after the release of WEBs-N4.2.36, including the CCN driver issues.

* There is no cost to upgrade for existing N4.x users. However for other users of AX (3.8 and below) software, please use SMA part number to upgrade to N4.x software.

Obtaining the Package WEBs Builds

You can download the WEBs-N4.2.36.38 software build from the Buildings Forum at the following location. The “Issues Fixed” document of this release can be downloaded from the same Buildings Forum location.

More Information

Honeywell BMS Specs (WEBs-N4 & WEBs-AX):

Building Control Systems:

Order Products:

Order Literature:

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