Honeywell is Making Your Hotel Room Smarter with the e7 Smart Thermostat

You already have a smart home, and now, you can have a smart home away from home. Thanks to the launch of Honeywell’s next-generation thermostat for the hospitality industry, you’ll now be able to control the temperature not only of your bedroom, but of your hotel room, too.

Meet the new Inncom e7 Thermostat (otherwise known as the e7), heralded as the first enterprise-grade environmental control and energy management solution that also features Amazon Alexa integrations. (Available in White or Black Onyx)

Not only does the e7 help you control your room’s temperature, but it also promises a holistic approach to comfort in your suite. That means that by simply talking to this smart thermostat, you can also control the lighting, drapery, and amenities services available to you. The e7 relies upon patent-pending Smart Wall Plate design that Honeywell says “provides hotel staff with an easy and reliable back-up of the device configuration.” This, the company says, is key to making routine maintenance of the system as simple as possible.

And while usability from the hotel’s standpoint is obviously important, guest satisfaction ultimately remains at the top of the priorities list. And here, the e7 claims to truly shine. The system claims to be able to detect a guest’s proximity, and then display the necessary information for interaction. The straightforward user interface purports to provide easy-to-use controls, and because the e7 can be integrated with technologies from other companies, it can also be expanded to a wide range of other in-room user interfaces. Ultimately, you might be able to control your TV from your thermostat — what a world!

Source: Digital Trends

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