Honeywell Announcement SymmetrE R410.2 Global Schedules Service Pack 1 is Now Available

Honeywell 180x120Honeywell is pleased to announce the availability of Global Schedules Service Pack 1 for SymmetrE R 410.2. The changes include: Improved scheduling capabilities including a redesigned schedule calculation engine, new generic software based scheduler, and a simplified scheduling interface that is more consistent with an operator’s concept of scheduling.

Enhanced download status information with a new Download Status summary that provides more detail about download progress such as the status of current downloads, time elapsed/time remaining, and failed downloads.
An improved schedule audit trail for improved diagnostics and logging for troubleshooting.

Note that this service pack includes some changes to advanced configuration settings stored in SQL Server. DailyDownloadTime changes are automatically migrated but all other settings (such as ScheduleHistoryMonths) are not migrated. If you have customized these settings ensure you review the changes and re-apply as appropriate after installation.

Before installing Global Schedules Service Pack 1, you must review the Software Release Bulletin, as this explains the installation process for the service pack and the items resolved since the original introduction of R410.2, which can be downloaded from the Buildings Forum.
Please review the Configuration & Operators Guide included in the software update package thoroughly with your customer before installing this update. Review the Base Schedules concept introduced in this package with the system operators before it is installed.
This software update requires SymmetrE R410.2 Service Pack 1.
The following documents can be downloaded from the Buildings Forum, which can be accessed by the link:

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