Honeywell’s Larry Weber on Light Commercial Smart Controls — Sustain and Maintain Small to Medium Size Buildings

At the 2016 CGNA Synergy Conference, ControlTrends caught up with Honeywell’s Larry Weber, General Manager Building Control Systems (BCS) Honeywell Environmental Control and Combustion. It is quite apparent that Larry and Honeywell have their hands directly on the pulse of the Smart Buildings controls renaissance. Hear how Honeywell has redoubled its efforts in the “race to the small space,” and learn about the new Light Commercial Smart Controls that Honeywell will be introducing later this year — that will reinvent how people will use data and provide service and maintain small to medium size buildings.

ControlTalk Now viewers will recognize that one of the top trends Ken and I have been tracking, is the smaller buildings being served by price-competitive smart controls that will both save energy and provide useful analytics to the small building owner. Those of us that have been in the industry a while remember when Honeywell created the LCBS solution that first delivered DDC controls to this space. Many thanks to Larry for his insights into the future of smart, small control systems.

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