Honeywell Releases MAXPRO Driver for WEBs-AX Software

maxproAvailability of MAXPRO driver for WEBs-AX Software. Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of the MAXPRO driver for WEBs-AX Controllers and WEBs-AX Supervisors which is based on the Niagara AX framework.

The MAXPRO driver has been tested and qualified on WEBs-AX 3.6.407.2, WEBs-AX, WEBs-AX, WEBs-AX 3.8.111 and on the latest MAXPRO NVR software version (v.3.5.0 build 81).

Main features:

* The driver is based on Tridum’s standard video framework.
* Receives and displays live video in Niagara framework from the MAXPRO NVR. Can easily switch between live and playback video
* Ability to auto discover the Cameras, including all digital and IP cameras
* Receives and processes events and alarms from NVR for loss of video, tampering and motion
* Configure and setup through security appliance or through workbench like other video drivers
* Supports both RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) and Progressive streaming protocols

Value Proposition:

* Integrates with many IP based cameras listed for MAXPRO, including all ONVIF standard cameras
* Alarms from the NVR are presented as standard alarms on the WEBs-AX software
* The driver pricing is based on the number cameras that are licensed
* There are no limits on the number of cameras that can be licensed on the Supervisor

Obtaining the MAXPRO driver and the NVR software patch: You can download the file from the Buildings Forum at the following location. To install the files, please see the MAXPRO driver installation document, which can also be found on the Buildings Forum website, as well as the MAXPRO Software Release Bulletin.

Compatibility of the driver with Controllers: Compatible with SEC-H-602 and SEC-H-616 security controllers as well as any WEB-300E, WEB-600/WEB-600E and WEB-700 Controllers. The driver is also compatible with WEBs Enterprise Security appliance v2.2.9.7 and v2.3.19.4 and WEB-Supervisor and SoftJace for AX-3.6.407.2, WEBs-AX, and WEBs-AX

This driver is not yet compatible with WEBs-N4 software nor can it be used on WEB-8000 Controllers.

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2 Responses

  1. The Honeywell Video will provide an enhanced user experience for owners demanding a single web interface in the Niagara framework.

    This driver is also licensed for Vykon platforms to help provide more harmony in the market and a standard for the top two Niagara enterprise security solutions.

    A big thanks to the Honeywell Environmental & Energy Solutions team in Minneapolis and a special thanks Sam Barrow at Tridium leading the Professional Services team to make this a reality.

    And to my Niagara Security team Laura Kevitt at Tridium and Richard Bogle at Honeywell who are the best in the business.

    Now let’s all go show the world how integrating Vidoe to a Niagara based Building solutions just makes sense!!!!

    Roger Rebennack

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