Honeywell Momentum On Tour Comes to Atlanta

Honeywell’s Larry Andriunas led a spirited corps of product specialists and application experts at Stromquist Company’s Momentum On Tour. The new MOT marketing concept is Honeywell’s idea to take the product launch — in person, to their distributors, contractors, and the specifying engineers and roll the products out at the ground-level, with the additional personable measures that allow for immediate demonstration and adoption. Based on the strong customer interest and enthusiasm at the Stromquist Company today, the concept is working! More on MOT from Honeywell’s Amy Anderson.

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2 Responses

  1. Good stuff, can you provide the upcoming traveling schedule for the Momentum Tour, I;d like to see you in Michigan

  2. Thanks David. Cochrane Supply will be hosting Honeywell Momentum in Michigan. I contacted Scott Cochrane on your behalf and they will be reaching out to you with details. We appreciate you checking out Controltrends

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