Honeywell Spyder PVB6436AS — BACnet Sensor Issue

HWSpyder BACnet Programmable VAV Controller: Spyder PVB6436AS with Date Code 1420. It was reported and verified that some PVB6436AS Spyder BACnet programmable VAV controllers with date code 1420 have an incorrectly calibrated air pressure sensor, resulting in the flow reading not functioning. The issue cannot be resolved by field re-calibration or firmware refresh.

Honeywell has taken action to quarantine the existing stock and rework malfunctioning Spyder controllers. Contractors who purchased PVB6436AS with date code 1420 please work with your distributor to return the product. Distributors can then file a Return Material Authorization (RMA) claim for refund or exchange. Please contact your regional sale representatives for further assistance.

On-line Warranty Process.

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  1. I have a spyder BACnet progammable controller, which my boss tested the cfm and read double the setpoint, the MAX is 500 CFM damper is always 100% open because the BAS is reading about 200 CFM at all time. what need to be than to fix that problem?

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