Johnson Controls — The Company that Invented the Room Thermostat Just Reinvented It!

We’d like to introduce you to GLAS® from Johnson Controls. GLAS is a beautiful smart thermostat that helps create a space that is efficient and healthy. It offers a translucent, responsive interface that is the perfect blend of form and function. GLAS showcases simple, adaptive technology that creates delightful interactions with its clever user interface.

In addition to its beautiful design, GLAS offers the following features:
* Adaptive schedule to intuitively and attentively maintain an efficient and comfortable space
* Seamless mobile experience so that users can manage their space from anywhere
* Voice control from Microsoft Cortana to adjust, refine and redefine each space
* Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, helping to create a healthy space
* Wire detection and streamlined set-up instructions for a straightforward installation

GLAS leverages the technology from our reliable products and leading building controls to help customers live more productive, enjoyable and efficient lives. In fact, GLAS has been selected as a 2018 Innovation Award finalist at AHR Expo based on innovative design, creativity, application, and value and market impact.

Contact your local distributor or Johnson Controls representative for more information!

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