Johnson Controls System 450 easy set up

If you have not had a chance to use the new Johnson Controls System 450 you are missing out on a low cost high performance controls solution. One of the best things about the Johnson Controls System 450 is how easy it is to set up. In this video Robert Harland from Johnson Controls walks us through an application that shows how easy and versatile the Johnson Controls System 450 is to use.

The Johnson Controls System 450 is an improvement on the ever reliable Johnson Controls System 350. Both systems are designed as
stand alone families of modular, digital electronic controls. The Johnson Controls System 350 and 450 controllers are easy to assemble and set up as you can see from the video. Both systems work great in temperature, pressure, and humidity control. The system 450 provides additional features and benefits. Johnson Controls has streamlined the system 450 allowing the ability to do more applications with fewer modules. This means a lower install cost and fewer modules to hook up and wire.
All Johnson Controls System 450 modules are field configurable and can be expanded to control up to ten outputs. For more information on the Johnson Controls System 450 check with your controls specialist at Please note if you are not in Georgia or Florida one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America will be glad to assist you with any questions you might have on the system 450.

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