Johnson Controls’ Dimitri Papadopoulos at the 2016 Niagara Summit — Facility Explorer is Better than Ever

Dimitri Papadopoulos, Senior Product Manager explains why Facility Explorer® is better than ever! To celebrate Facility Explorer’s tenth anniversary, Johnson Controls released Facility Explorer 14. Featuring a cleaner, faster user experience, enhanced cybersecurity and new ways to improve user productivity. Dimitri was particularly excited about the Mobile Access Portal, which offers an excellent display on your iPad, smart phone, or laptop; serves as a great commissioning tool; and can be used as a main user interface for smaller-sized projects. Facility Explorer meets any building management need. Wireless or wired field controllers and devices provide direct closed-loop control over mechanical and HVAC equipment. Supervisory controllers deliver network wide coordination for single or multiple sites. The result is an integrated, comprehensive control solution.

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2 Responses

  1. Want to use iPad to work with Niagara AX and Johnson controls metasys HVAC systems.

    easiest way would be greatly appreciated


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