KMC’s New Conquest™ BACnet® Router Offers Time and Labor Savings

KMC Controls’ state-of-the-art Conquest™ BACnet® router features one MS/TP and one Ethernet port, an HTML5 web configuration interface requiring no additional software, a single cable for both power and communications, and an excellent set of network diagnostic tools for quick and easy network verification and troubleshooting.

The router is optimized for temporary installation as a technician’s tool and for permanent installation increasing network efficiency. Additionally, the router acts as an enhancement to a supervisory controller or integration engine by offloading MS/TP and routing, freeing up greater internal resources for core functions.

As KMC’s Marketing Manager, Nate Kehr sums it up, “This thing is a beast. Every controls tech in the world should have one in the laptop bag, a backup in the van, and a backup backup at home.”

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