2013 ControlTrends Awards Thermostat of the Year Nominee: KMC Controls’ FlexStat

KMC FlexStatSmall Building Automation with the KMC Controls FlexStat! From a single space to multiple zones in a building, KMC has many possible building automation solutions. Control temperature, humidity, even CO2 levels, and link that control to schedules and motion-based room occupancy for maximum energy efficiency.

The FlexStat BACnet programmable thermostat is KMC’s latest “all-in-one” solution for controlling your comfort needs. The KMC FlexStat is a controller and sensor in a single, attractive package that creates a flexible solution to stand-alone control challenges or BACnet network challenges. Temperature sensing is standard with optional humidity and motion sensing. Flexible input and output configurations and built-in or custom programming ensure that a variety of HVAC application needs can be met.

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