Lynxspring’s Chris Ryan Flexes Integration Knowledge at the 2016 Niagara Summit

Chris RLynxspring’s Chris Ryan flexes Integration Knowledge at the 2016 Niagara Summit. While the potential for using data to improve energy and operational efficiencies is significant, the difficulty of organizing and understanding the data can be challenging. One of the challenges of working with data is it can be very hard to organize and use across different applications. It is stored in different formats, has inconsistent naming conventions and lacks information to describe what it means.

Streamlining the interchange of data from BACnet devices and building and systems, The Onyxx BACnet to Haystack Data Pump provides network communication and data exchange. The device handles the protocol translation of BACnet points to manageable Haystack points. Acting as a BACnet client device the Onyxx Data Pump manages all BACnet/BACnet/IP/Ethernet or BACnet MS/TP devices connected to it.

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