Schneider Electric SE8000 Wins 2014 CTA — Commercial Thermostat of the Year

SE8000 The perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication! The SE8000 Series is a sophisticated addition to the Schneider Electric™ product portfolio of room controllers. With rich, customizable features, the SE8000 Series enables significant energy savings with accurate temperature control in any space.

* Elegant style combinations, designed to complement any decor.
* Touch screen interface, multi-language support, discreet occupancy sensor.
* Advanced control technology for powerful performance.
* Optimized automation features in a simple compact device.
* Simple, quick, and cost-effective installation.
* Built-in scalability and easy integration.

The SE8000 Series room controllers can be easily integrated into most building management systems (BMS). Remote monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting, and metering systems allow facility managers to ensure their building is always operating at peak performance.

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  1. Whoa! It’s such an interesting thermostat that I’m looking for my new home. Thanks for sharing about this thermostat and some clear details. I’m rather interested in this product.

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