2015 ControlTrends Awards Highlight: Blue Ridge Technologies and Siemens Gamma Win the Lighting Integration Solution of the Year

Congratulations to Blue Ridge Technologies and Siemens Gamma for winning the 2015 ControlTrends Lighting Integration Solution of the Year Award. Blue Ridge Technologies’ Unified Lighting Control completes the BAS, incorporating lighting and HVAC controls on the same network, eliminating surplus hardware required for stand-alone and gateway lighting control, resulting in decreased installation and maintenance costs. Siemens Gamma Lighting provides precisely what your building’s occupants need – nothing more, nothing less. Gamma is a new, integrated control system that can achieve significant energy savings. Gamma’s distributed control architecture lets you easily manage all aspects of your facility’s lighting without worrying about single points of failure.

2015 ControlTrends Awards Lighting Solution of The Year from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

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