Siemens Now Offering BAS Sensors through CGNA Distributors

It use to be that if you had a Siemens Building Automation Control System you had to go to the Siemens branch to buy all your replacement parts, including sensors. Although you still have to go back to the Siemens branch or factory direct contractor to get your properitory Siemens Building Automation controllers, you now have the option of buying the communicating wall sensors from independent distributors like the ones in Controls Group North America.

Couple this with the fact that CGNA distributors have been stocking Siemens valves, actuators, non proprietary sensors, Siemens variable frequency drives and energy meters, and you can see that Siemens is empowering their customers with another buying choice for replacement building automation parts.
I like the direction Siemens is going.

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  1. This is great knews. School system had to buy many of the Siemens T-stats due to vandals.
    HVAC Dept had to go to their Siemens parts house that had long lead times from what they tell me.
    Good to know we know can now sell Siemens T-stats.

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