Siemens Total Room Automation — The New Standard for Total Room Control and Cost Savings

Siemens Total Room Automation (TRA) combines room HVAC, lighting and/or shading systems into one, seamless package. As one solution instead of three, Siemens TRA cuts initial product costs, installation costs, and ongoing operating costs, while increasing room energy efficiency and providing optimal comfort for room occupants.

With its innovative approach, TRA is changing the equation for today’s room control. And, it’s changing the equation for room occupants, specifying engineers, building designers, building owners, and even building contractors.

How? All-in-one

Siemens TRA is NOT an integrated system. At the heart of Siemens TRA is Siemens DXR controller with embedded software for all three room functions. The payoff…instead of separate systems for HVAC, lighting, and shade control, each with its own network infrastructure, Siemens TRA controls all three functions. It does this through a single room display so occupants can adjust the room environment for temperature, lighting, and shading from one, wall-mounted device. The innovative result…a simplified solution that reduces costs. TRA orchestrates the different systems to provide optimal room comfort conditions with as little energy as possible.

Benefits for all

For building designers, TRA streamlines the design process with just one system to incorporate into building plans. For contractors, installation and testing are greatly simplified thereby minimizing hardware costs and labor. And for building owners, maintenance budgets are reduced with only one system to maintain over the long-term.

TRA with sustainability in mind

With a stylish, simple interface, Siemens TRA enables building occupants to take an active role in room conditions. While building managers can pre-set a room to perform at optimum levels, and at room occupants’ desired level of comfort, occupants still have local control and flexibility. In fact, TRA helps building owners meet LEED® certification by providing occupants control over their environment. They can override the pre-set conditions to meet their immediate needs for temperature, lighting, and shading.

Siemens TRA constantly monitors the status of room temperature, lighting, and shades; when room conditions deviate from the optimum pre-set state, the room display’s greenleaf icon changes to red. To return the room to the most energy efficient levels, a single tap of the red leaf icon is all that is needed. With powerful room status feedback, room occupants become engaged in their own comfort and room energy savings. TRA has the answers and takes action. It allows the room to operate as efficiently as possible, reduces energy usage, and helps drive buildings toward their sustainability goals.

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