Siemens Desigo Control Point: Operate and Monitor with Touch Panel and Web Interface

Desigo Control Point is an end user-focused operating and monitoring interface that is accessible via a touch panel, desktop, tablet or smartphone. It provides cost-effective operating and monitoring functions for small- or medium-sized buildings. For large buildings, Desigo Control Point can serve as a room or equipment interface.

Key Features:

* Touch panels with touch-enabled graphics

* Built-in graphics editor with customized graphics and dashboard building capabilities

* View and command points, manage alarms, configure schedules and calendars, and create and view trends

* Preloaded with graphic templates for DXR controllers

* One screen to operate lighting, shading and HVAC equipment

* Built on the latest technologies: HTML5, Haystack and BACnet IP

Key Benefits:

* Keeps users informed about building status on fixed or mobile clients

* Provides efficient optimization of energy consumption and equipment maintenance

* Intuitively operates multiple rooms with just one screen

* Efficient and easy-to-use operating platform tracks energy consumption with attractive graphic and dashboard displays

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