Category: Cyber Security

Where’s The Goat?

If you’ve seen Jurassic Park you probably know what this line.  If you haven’t, the scene is this… There is a goat that is tied

SMARTCORE’s Complimentary Online Threat Assessment Survey

Helps You Identify Vulnerabilities in Your BAS SmartCore will translate your answers to this short survey into a Threat Assessment Scorecard as well as a prescriptive Cyber Risk

Cyber Legacy?

I think that the president is looking to use cyber security as a “legacy” play for his last year in office.  It is the one

If You’re Breached, You May Be Facing Two Battles

According to an arstechnica article Monday, August 24, a federal appeals court ruled that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can now sue a company that

Practical Application for Using Shodan

Finding Devices, Protocols, Vendors, etc. Disclaimer – It is not the intent of this post to point out a particular BAS software vendor, protocol, or

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