Class Descriptions

Below are the Training Classes provided by Stromquist & Company.  Please click here to see our current classes and to register.

Chiller Workshop:  This two-day class focuses on basic operations, maintenance and troubleshooting of chilled water systems. Topics will include basic refrigeration cycle of water chillers; design and overall operation of chilled water systems; refrigerant types, handling and record keeping; pumps and piping systems; chiller plant optimization; chiller math and log analysis.

Basic Pneumatics:  You will work with pneumatic equipment to learn fundamentals of pneumatic controls. The one-day class will cover limit controls, P.E. switches, solenoid valves, relays, valve and damper operations, and thermostats.

VAV and PIU Fundamentals:  You will learn the fundamentals of VAV and PIU boxes.  In this one-day class you will get to practice on equipment and troubleshoot given hypothetical problems. Instruction covers velocity formulas, CFMs, and static pressures.

Flame Safeguard:  You will learn about flame safeguard systems, applications, and troubleshooting. Topics include relays, flame detection, limits, controllers, fuel trains, and fuel/air ratio control. It covers codes and standards for commercial and industrial applications, and systems for hot water and steam boilers and process burners.

Electromechanical Controls:  This class covers control diagrams, motor wiring and controls, transformers and relays, and low voltage controls. Includes a thorough overview of direct digital controls (DDC).

DDC Fundamentals:  This class is designed for DDC installers and technicians to learn open and closed loop control, elements, control points and actions, fan modulation, system architecture, and field device applications. You will study P, PI & PID, loops and applications. Please note that it does NOT teach programming.

EPA 608 Certification:  By request, we are offering this class to cover everything you need to prepare for the EPA 608 Certification test. The two days will include intense training on all test sections plus proctoring the two hour test.


Variable Frequency Drives:  This two-hour training covers how a VFD works, power and control wiring, and VFD applications. You will also learn setup and operation of Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Siemens VFDs.

IAQ and IAQ Controls:  In this two-hour class you will get an overview of Indoor Air Quality, in addition to space pressure control, demand ventilation control, and outside air measuring and control.

Light Commercial Controls:  This two-hour class gives an overview of Digital Controls and how they operate.  You will learn about communicating thermostats and VAV controls, as well as light commercial digital controls.       

Electric Heat:  A two-hour class that will discuss power and control wiring, Ohm’s Law, Wye vs. Delta, wiring, BTU calculations, and restringing.

Actuators and Valves:  In this two hour class you will learn about wiring and piping arrangements, control signals, damper actuator sizing, two-way valves and three-way mixing and diverting valves.


N4 Certification:  Taught by Vern Peterson with MOV Training, this in-depth class on the Niagara 4 Platform ends with a certification test. Get full details here.

N4 Advanced Technical Certification:  Taught by Vardell Technical Training, this 5 day class will educate students to an advanced level of technical expertise on the Niagara 4 Framework. Prerequisites: Niagara 4 certification. Get more information or register for this class here.