ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for Week Ending February 14, 2016

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending February 14, 2016 is a highlight reel of Siemens, ACI, and KMC receiving their 2015 ControlTrends Awards. In-depth interviews with Sierra Monitor Corporation’s President and CEO, Varun Nagaraj, and Director of ControlTrends India, Sameer Pradhan. Take a look at KMC’s time and labor saving Conquest BACnet Router and Ken’s Calendar previews upcoming webinars and industry related events.

bt300_22015 ControlTrends Awards Highlight: Siemens’ BT300 Wins VFD of the Year! With its Onboard kWh Meter, Mulitpump/Fan Application. and Fire Mode features, the Siemens BT300 took their VFD portfolio to the next level of efficiency. The BT300 is well-suited for demanding HVAC environments and can deliver 20-50% of energy compared to equipment with little or no control. Built-in features – like a real-time clock, energy savings optimization programming, and a sleep function – help measure energy savings — and the BT300 VFDs are ready to communicate with Building Management Systems via embedded RS485 and Ethernet HVAC protocols.

sierraVarun Nagaraj Introduces Sierra Monitor’s On-Ramp Suite at AHR 2016. Varun Nagaraj, Sierra Monitor Corporation (SMC) President and CEO, tells the ControlTrends Community about SMC’s new IIoT On-Ramp Suite. SMC is an industry leading provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that connect and protect high-value infrastructure assets. At the AHR 2016, SMC announced a comprehensive and secure IIoT On-Ramp Suite for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of commercial and industrial controls devices and systems.

PPy2015 ControlTrends Awards Highlight: ACI Wins the Peripheral Product of the Year. Congratulations to Automation Components, Inc. (ACI), who prevailed in one the of the most heavily competitive ControlTrends Awards categories: Peripheral Product of the Year. Since its founding in 1991, ACI has been dedicated to excellence and has grown from seven employees to over 170 quality individuals, and has facilities that total over 78,000 square feet, with global offices in Hong Kong, and China. ACI’s products include temperature, relative humidity, current, pressure, gas and wireless related sensors.

KMC.0012015 ControlTrends Awards Highlight: KMC Controls Wins VAV Controller of the Year. Congratulations to KMC Controls for winning the 2015 ControlTrends VAV of the Year. (Again!) KMC won this category last year as well). SimplyVAV is easy to set up, with no software needed, this controller is powerful and functions equally as well as a stand-alone solution or the VAV controller of choice on a BACnet full-blown control system. The controllers feature simple, menu driven setup choices when used with a SimplyVAV digital sensor. No special programming skills or software tools are required to choose applications, enter setpoints, set network addressing,and balance airflow.

KMC ROUTERSave Time and Labor with KMC’s New Conquest™ BACnet® Router. KMC Controls’ state-of-the-art Conquest™ BACnet® router features one MS/TP and one Ethernet port, an HTML5 web configuration interface requiring no additional software, a single cable for both power and communications, and an industry-leading set of network diagnostic tools for quick and easy network verification and troubleshooting. The device is optimized for temporary installation as a technician’s tool and for permanent installation increasing network efficiency.

breaking-news-2-300x171ControlTrends Keeps an Eye on 2016 Events with Ken’s Calendar. 30 Minutes with Lynxspring Webinar Series: Cyber Security from a Business Perspective. The next “30 Minutes with Lynxspring”, our monthly webinar series featuring Lynxspring subject-matter experts and special guests, is scheduled for Wednesday, February 17th at 12:00 PM CDT. February’s “30 Minutes with Lynxspring” will look at Cyber Security from a Business Perspective.

SP_CTA2ControlTalk NOW Interview with Sameer Pradhan, Director of ControlTrends India. ControlTrends was excited to announce that ControlTrends India has been formed and was absolutely delighted to introduce Sameer Pradhan as Director of ControlTrends India. The announcement took place at the 2015 ControlTrends Awards held the evening before the start of the AHR Expo 2016, in Orlando Florida. The global ControlTrends Community, particularly those located in the India and Southeast Asia regions, will be greatly enriched by Sameer’s visionary leadership and executive capabilities.

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