Episode 351 ControlTalk NOW features our interview with Melissa Boutwell, LEED AP OM, President, Automation Strategy & Performance

“Collecting that type of feedback over the years has given us extraordinary benchmark metadata. I can sit down with one of our clients and say, ‘If you do these three things, you will have people interested in your company.’ ”
Automation Strategy & Performance President, Melissa Boutwell.

An industry expert in SCADA, Utilities, and Optimization Strategies, as well as being a Professor of Energy Management & Controls Technology,  Melissa Boutwell, has created a crafted a BAS for people, to help organizations align and actuate the needed remedies.

Melissa’s interview reviews these topics in depth:

  • What is your WHY? Specificity with defined outcomes.
  • Right partnerships are critical and diversity matters.
  • Success — people are what they eat, they need to be fed their successes.

In case you missed it…

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