ControlTalk NOW: The Smart Building Podcast/Videocast Week Ending March 15, 2015

This week’s ControlTalk NOW features Blue Ridge Technologies — Unified Lighting Control experts; Acuity’s purchase of Distech Controls; EasyIO’s Partners Event in Paris; 2014 ControlTrends Award winners: Johnson Controls’ FX ASSET Tool, EasyIO’s FG-32, and Lynxspring’s Lynx CyberPro; Marc Petock’s review of Project Haystack and Lynxspring’s Niagara R2 solutions; Mike Marston’s CPT graphics demonstration; KMC’s new BACnet multi-port router; and Siemen’s MD energy meter video. Special thanks to Rob Allen for his ControlTalk NOW introduction and another great 7 Minutes in Control!

BlueRidgeBlue Ridge Technologies — Unified Lighting Control Experts — Show You How! Get distributed Zone Control with Blue Ridge Technologies’ Zone Control(ZC)! ZC is a UL Listed distributed lighting controller in a compact junction box mounted package. ZC may be scheduled from any BACnet BAS, and it is compatible with all low voltage override switches, occupancy sensors, and light level sensors. ZC is suited for new or existing buildings, and may be scaled from basic to advanced control sequences; including daylight harvesting, load shedding, equipment optimization, and trending.

EASY1EasyIO Gets Ready for Next World Wide Partner Event in Paris. What is the best way to get your Uncle Sam to pay for a trip to Paris? Well the folks at EasyIO make it all possible with great controls, great food, and a great location, and although I am not an accountant, I am pretty sure you can write it off as a business expense. “Mad Mike” Marston and the team at EasyIO are preparing the Next World Wide Control Event in Paris France, September 21-23. Don’t wait, reach out to your local EasyIO dealer and tell them you want to be part of the EasyIO World Event in Paris.

Breaking News Key Shows Newsflash Broadcast OnlineDistech Controls is Purchased by Acuity Brands. One of the leading building automation control players in our industry was acquired today. Acuity Brands purchased Distech for approximately $252 million. Acuity, which had net sales of $2.4 billion dollars in 2014, owns a group of companies that work in the lighting and building automation controls market. About Distech: An Innovative Leader in Energy Management Solutions.Distech Controls provides unique building management technologies and services that optimize energy efficiency and comfort in buildings.

JCIAssetJohnson Controls FX Asset Tool Wins Big at the 2014 ControlTrends Awards. Congratulations to Johnson Controls and the FX Asset Tool which was awarded the 2014 Building Automation Controls Programming Tool of the Year by the world-wide ControlTrends Community. To learn more about this incredible product click here for a ControlTrends live Training Rewind or here for a presentation on the power of the FX Asset Tool.

Rob31215Rob Allen’s 7 Minutes in Control: Introduces a New Router from KMC Controls. Rob welcomes Dave Bohlmann from KMC Controls to 7 Minutes in Control. Dave shows Rob KMC’s new single point BacNet Router. The multi-port KMC FullBAC
efficiently and reliably routes BACnet traffic for today’s complex building automation projects that consist of multiple networks. The BAC-5050 provides communication between foreign devices, BACnet IP LANs, the BACnet MS/TP controller network, and an Ethernet 802.3 (ISO 8802-3) network.

Lynxspring_enews-700Lynxspring Offers Four Conversion Options to Take Niagara R2 to Niagara AX. Niagara R2 to Niagara AX –The time has come to replace Niagara R2 in favor of the far more advanced Niagara AX! The Niagara Framework has evolved significantly since the first commercial version; Niagara R2 was first introduced. Since that time, Niagara has become the industry’s open software platform standard that enables the integration of complex and disparate monitoring, control and automation solutions.

Plant Controller of YearEasyIO Wins Plant Controller of the Year at The 2014 ControlTrends Awards. Congratulations to EasyIO for winning the 2014 ControlTrends Awards Plant Controller of The Year. The legendary EasyIO FG-32 (The Beast From the EAST) is known around the world as a powerful, affordable DDC controller, so much so, that the world-wide ControlTrends Community has voted to give this coveted award to the FG-32 for the third year in a row. Truly, an impressive accomplishment!

Mike MarstonEasyIO’s Mike Marston Demos FG’s CPT Graphics. CPT Tool is an executable file and does not require installation. The package is supplied as a zip file. Extracting the zipped file will create the file structure. Note: All of the files need to be located in the same folder in order for CPT to run correctly. CPT is a tool developed by Online Tools Inc. as the new choice for users of controllers based on Sedona Framework. It allows online programming where Sedona had been designed for as the management of the software packages, (kits). The tool also has the capability to do backups and restore of the applications.

SIEMENS_METERSiemens MD Energy Meters Sales Training Video. Siemens Industry’s MD Model Power Meter is a submetering device designed to provide real time, accurate electricity metering to enable proper control over energy costs. The meter can capture kWh/kW energy and demand data, as well as virtually all relevant energy parameters for diagnostics and monitoring on three-phase or single-phase circuit installations. The meter’s flexibility, size, and ease-of use make them ideal tools for gathering detailed consumption information in commercial, industrial, governmental, and retail environments.

HaystackLogo1Making Device Data Self-describing to Enable Seamless Integration Across Multiple Applications. Article by Marc Petock, Vice President Marketing, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy and Member Board of Directors, Project-Haystack. The amount of data created by equipment, systems and devices has exploded in recent years. Today’s automation systems and smart devices produce tremendous amounts of data to the point where we have expanded our reach to a range of devices that can gather and analyze physical data and react to that data in a variety of applications that we’ve never seen before.

CyberProLYNX CyberPro Wins Innovative Product of the Year! Congratulations to the team at Lynxspring for winning the 2014 ControlTrends Awards Innovative Product of the Year with the Lynxspring Cyber Pro (Watch George Hawkins’ presentation). Designed with building operations in mind, LYNX CyberPro creates “shields of security” and preemptive threat protection for the devices and systems across a building network by securing, managing, controlling, tracking and monitoring all account access and activities. The solution supports leading building automation protocols with TCP/IP networks and can be accessed from anywhere without exposing building system devices to the public internet.

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