ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for Week Ending April 3, 2016

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for Week Ending April 3, 2016 features videos from RealComm’s thought leaders, Dwyer’s Smart Air Hood, and Contemporary Controls’ Sedona Application Editor. Belimo Ultrasonic Flow meter webinar, Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings’ April edition, and an evaluation of India’s most important issues by Sameer Pradhan. ControlTalk NOW video and audio coverage will resume next week.

RESTARERealComm Out of the Trenches March 2016. Want to find out what the thought leaders in Smart Buildings Real Estate are thinking? You have to check out RealComm IBcon 2016! As they prepare for the 2016 RealComm IBCon event to be held June 21-23 in Silicon Valley, you can get a taste for what to expect from the inaugural episode of OUT of the Trenches with Joe Rich from Tishman and Speyer and Tom Taddep from Kimco Reality.

DWYERAH21Dwyer’s SMART Air Hood™ — This Changes Everything. QUAD FLOW DESIGN TECHNOLOGY: A patent pending design based on controlling the circulating air patterns providing a more even air flow with minimal backpressure effects. The design results in an accuracy of 3% or better regardless of diffuser types. PREDICTIVE BALANCING: An industry first for airflow balancing, this patent pending process guides the balancing technician on setting the proper air flow values for each diffuser to fully optimize the HVAC system.

belimo_ultrasonicBelimo Webinar: Ultrasonic Flow Meter – The Right Solution for Accurate Measurement. Ultrasonic Flow Meter – The Right Solution for Accurate Measurement. During this 30 minute webinar you will learn about our new stand-alone flow meters that provide accurate and repeatable hot or chilled water flow measurement. Belimo’s inline flow meters are maintenance free and accurately measure flow rate to help offset building operation costs. Register NOW!

Ken_Sinclair_PhotoKen Sinclair’s April 2016 Automated Buildings Theme is “IoT Disruption Transforms and Opens Industry.” In his April 2016 Automated Buildings edition, Ken Sinclair, AB owner and editor, references the steady march of technical advances that have impacted our industry over the past 40 years to highlight his April theme “IoT Disruption Transforms and Opens Industry,” emphasizing that we must stay actively involved in the IT technologies because the next leg of the journey has just begun. Ken Sinclair: “Transforming and Opening the Industry is a journey, not a destination, and will require consistent and constant attention.

CC_sedona1Gain Knowledge of Contemporary Controls’ Sedona Application Editor (SAE) With SAE Videos. Contemporary Controls has produced three videos to help you better understand the functionality of SAE. The SAE allows for graphical development of control applications for Sedona devices such as Contemporary Controls’ BAScontrol20, 22 and BASremote, along with Sedona devices from other manufacturers. SAE is available free for download from Contemporary Controls’ website. Included with the download is a Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM) that runs on your PC.

Sameer_3Sameer Pradham — Automated Buildings Article: “Why BAS Projects in India Have a Trust Deficit?” This highly informative article was originally released in the April, 2016 edition of Automated Buildings. “Why BAS Projects in India Have a Trust Deficit?” By Sameer Pradhan, Director, ControlTrends India: India, as we all know, is an emerging economy, a large democracy with a well-capitalised central bank, a sound judiciary and a new government that has rolled out a significant number of attractive measures to make India a top investment destination. Many national initiatives such as Skill Development in India, Make in India, and Digital India are underway, but the demands of the on-going upgrading of our existing infrastructure coupled with the building of 100 new smart cities require additional resources.

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