Ecorithm’s Dr. Igor Mezic and John Morris Explain True Analytics and Using Artificial Intelligence in Smart Buildings

This is next-gen analytics! Dr. Igor Mezic, Ecorithm’s Chief Scientific and Technology Advisor & Co-Founder, and John Morris, VP Marketing and Sales, tell ControlTrends about what inspired Igor to develop Ecorithm’s technology, why Ecorithm is able to provide faster and more accurate results that other analytics companies, and why Ecorithm’s SaaS is necessary for the entire lifetime of the system.

“To come up with the solution, we had to think at both the micro and macro level and design the software platform to accommodate everything in between. We came up with a very modular design in which the underlying foundation filters through the noise of the massive data sets and recognizes key patterns. On top of that is a layer of domain expertise that includes the physics of how the ‘healthy’ devices and systems are supposed to operate. And resting on top of that is an interface to quickly tailor the spatial and physical connectivity of devices in the virtual database to match the configuration and operation of each physical building. That means exceptionally quick start up and customization, highly detailed insight and root cause analysis, and easy integration of new devices or changes in configuration. Also, this makes the platform readily extendable beyond buildings to other complex systems as well.”

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