Episode 358 ControlTalk NOW features Totem Building Cybersecurity’s $50.00 Introductory Offer and a great interview with Steve Fey, CEO

Hackers are now focused on buildings. "We got something the industry really needs, lets go do it. " Steve Fey, CEO, Totem Building Cybersecurity

Totem Buildings Cybersecurity was launched in January, 2019 as an OT Risk Management Software-as-a-Service Platform, which is sold through Totem Trusted Partners.  Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT problem. Mismanaged buildings pose serious security risks. Learn what Totem Building Cybersecurity can do for you!

In case you missed it...

Episode 368 ControlTalk NOW with Mahesh Nair, Siemens’ Butterfly Valve Product Manager — Designing the Best Version of the Most Widely Used Butterfly Valves (Special thanks to Britt, Evelyn, and Axel for the Father’s Day Wishes!)

“At Siemens, we continuously challenge ourselves to improve butterfly valves to exceed hydronic system demands with improved performance, efficiency and value. So we set our

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