Control Talk Now — The Smart Buildings Video Cast and Podcast Live From Silicon Valley

ControlTalk NOW for week ending June 26, 2016 takes a deeper dive into Realcomm/IBcon 2016 with Marc Petock joining us as co-host. Our first special guest was Intelligent Buildings’ Co-founder, Intelligent Buildings, Tom Shircliff, who shares his insight into some of the new technologies displayed at the show — soon to impact the industry, and the increased emphasis on water. Cyber security must be elevated to an organization’s highest priority, and physical measures, often overlooked, are of extreme importance to an effective cyber security program.

Our next guest was Jeff Houpt, President and CEO at Automation Integrated, LLC, (AI) one of the premiere Master Systems Integrators in the country. The age of Analytics is upon us, in the very real sense, because analytics are the currency of the future that will provide so much value to the property managers. AI is launching Blue Forge its latest IoT application, which will change the analytic landscape.

Our next guest was Shaun Klann, Executive Vice President, ‎Intelligent Buildings. Shaun clarified that the least expensive tenant to acquire is an existing tenant, and that by extended environmental control to occupants will enhance and improve their user experience.

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