ControlTalk Now for the Week Ending June 29, 2014

Technology drives the trends, and the trends keep coming! Welcome to this week’s ControlTalk NOW featuring interviews with visionary Dave Lorenzini (WAVE COLLAPSE), Realcomm’s Jim Young, Australia’s VAE Group & Bitpool, N2 Guru Dave Jones, The S4 Group; and a host of new product updates, industry events, and software releases impacting our industry.

Contemporary ControlsContemporary Controls Sponsors First German-speaking Niagara Forum:June 2014 — The inaugural Niagara Forum Deutschland introduced the German-speaking market to the benefits of Niagara Framework in providing a complete solution from device to the Internet. Contemporary Controls was one of the four sponsors to the first-ever Niagara Forum given in the German language that was held on June 3, 2014 at The Squaire. Conceptualized by Christian Heim – Tridium Europe sales manager – approximately 95 people registered for the event held at the new Squaire Conference center located at the Frankfurt, Germany airport.

energy.govBetter Buildings Challenge, Atlanta Nears Halfway Mark in Meeting Citywide Goal of 20% Energy Savings: The Energy Department yesterday recognized Atlanta for its progress and leadership in meeting a citywide goal to improve the energy performance of its buildings by 20% by 2020. Through the Better Buildings Challenge, Atlanta is engaging local business leaders, building owners and operators, and other organizations to increase energy and water efficiency across more than 50 million square feet of building space, achieving over 9% energy savings since 2011.

Dave LControlTrends’ Ken Smyers Interviews Visionary Dave Lorenzini at 2014 Realcomm/IBcon: At the 2014 Realcomm/IBcon, ControlTrends met up with Dave Lorenzini, a premiere technology visionary and entrepreneur that is changing the way people look at the world. Dave commented on the explosion of intelligent building interaction at a level never seen before; the amazing adoption of technology that has occurred since last year; and the exciting impact technology is having within the building industry. As the former Director of Keyhole, the first global 3D visualization System online that became the Google Earth, and serves over a billion users worldwide, Dave Lorenzini, has seen the structural transformation that innovative products can make and is very excited about the Sanborn Platform for Indoor Mapping (SPIN) and describes the role of the semi-autonomous mobile robotics platform in the next generation of intelligent buildings.SPIN

Jim young23Realcomm/IBcon is the Industry Vortex that Delivers! ControlTrends Interviews Jim Young:To make Realcomm/IBcon the world’s leading conference on technology, automated business solutions, intelligent buildings, and energy efficiency for the commercial and corporate real estate industry, the charismatic Jim Young begins the 16-hour telephone days in January. It takes practiced and passionate networking to gather the industry’s top thought leaders, the world’s largest and most advanced next gen projects, and the creation of an industry vortex so powerful, that it drew a billion dollars worth of perspective from Yardi, Cisco, Intel, Google, Microsoft, and Tridium (oh, and Dell’s in, too).

HW ExWhat Makes The Honeywell’s Experion LX Distributed Control System Special: Honeywell’s Experion LX Experion® LX is a purpose-built distributed control system (DCS) for continuous and batch process control applications. Boost plant efficiency and flexibility with a proven distributed control system from Honeywell that lowers your total cost of ownership. It’s ideal for a wide range of processes from smaller 1,000 process I/O points to mid-size 10,000 process I/O points and up to 50,000 SCADA points. It supports 10-15 operator stations and up to five DSA clusters.

DownUnderControlTrends Fans From Down Under With Cool Products: We caught up with a couple of Controltrends fans from Australia at the 2014 Niagara Summit. Thanks to the team from the VAE Group from Brisbane Australia for helping make Controltrends the world-wide source for HVAC and Building Automation Control News you can use. The VAE Group adds value to construction, automation, asset management, commissioning, mining, oil & gas and engineering projects. The Value Added Engineering Group (VAE Group) and Bitpool provide links between project stakeholders, design engineers and the trades people who are responsible for the installation and commissioning of HVAC systems.

wattstopper5Wattstopper Introduces New HBP-100 Series High/Low Bay Sensors — 40′ Range! Wattstopper is pleased to announce the launch of WattStopper’s competitively priced next generation High/Low Bay Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensors that offer an exclusive ladder-free configuration and maintenance option. This game-changing functionality delivers significant labor savings when coupled with fixture-integrated sensors mounted at up to 40 feet! Product features include: * Preinstalled universal lens for mounting heights from 15 to 40 feet; * Test button to confirm operation as soon as wiring is connected; * Selectable Fail-on or Fail-off parameter to meet codes and qualify for rebates.

ken11Smart Buildings Redefined at IBcon 2014 — Ken Smyers Moderates Session: IBcon’s Smart Building Redefined Session brought together three unique and distinguished industry experts: Kevin Facinelli, EVP, Daikin Applied, Lindsay Baker, VP Research & Marketing, Building Robotics, and William MacGowan, Director Smart Connected Real Estate, Cisco Systems Canada. The panel presented and discussed innovative technologies developed recently for Building HVAC Systems.

steveControlTalk 2.0: This Week’s Guest is Steve Jones from The S4 Group — The N2 Gurus: Lots of great information as ControlTalk 2.0 gets a healthy dose of integrator know-how from S4 Group’s Managing Partner, Steve Jones. When it comes to delivering seamless, open-systems integration solutions, for non-IT and building automation solutions, nobody does it better than The S4 Group; particularly, with JCI N2 applications. Steve says, “It’s all about leveraging legacy systems and providing building owners and operators cost-effective solutions and establishing the integration plan that will let them move to the new technology on a scheduled/budgeted basis.” Watch and see how. S4 Solutions are network appliances that enable technology!

DGLux5AppIconDGLux5 – Data Visualization Tools At Their Best! DGLux5 provides a modern design environment containing: Tabbed Document windows, Application bar, Tools Panel, Quick Access Panel, Panel title bar, Widgets Palette, Property Inspector Panel, Outline Panel. The HTML5 based, DGLux5 workspace provides clean organization and easy navigation through panels and menus for quick access to necessary functionality, modern design tools in set areas which provide users with creative flexibility, and several shortcuts and hidden features that enhance the user experience and minimize design time. Setting up your workspace has never been easier or more efficient.

webs_stationAXHoneywell WEBs-AX Software Release: Honeywell Announces the Release of WEBs-AX Software: Honeywell is pleased to announce the availability of WEBs-AX software release, which is an update to WEBs-AX This new release includes all patched modules that were released since WEBs-AX 3.7u1. Honeywell WEBs-AX Software Release Bulletin: Software Release PDF. Consolidated patches for 3.7 Update 1: Issues Fixed.

Easy IO Logo 2EasyIO Supercharges FG-20 and FG-32 Controllers — Now BACnet Client and Server Ready! Few corporations have the temerity to publicly release the contents of their business model and their goal to increase their global controller sales from 2000 units a month, to 6000 units a month — in 3 years. Yet, when considering how much “open controller octane” EasyIO shares and puts into their FG-20 and FG-32 controllers, along with the ebullient “YouTube support” training maestro Mike Marston makes available, EasyIO’s exponential growth seems inevitable.

ControlTalk NOW will continue to provide a weekly episode featuring the people, products, and the News of the Week shaping our world of controls, building automation, and the HVAC industry.

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