Episode 368 ControlTalk NOW with Mahesh Nair, Siemens’ Butterfly Valve Product Manager — Designing the Best Version of the Most Widely Used Butterfly Valves (Special thanks to Britt, Evelyn, and Axel for the Father’s Day Wishes!)

"At Siemens, we continuously challenge ourselves to improve butterfly valves to exceed hydronic system demands with improved performance, efficiency and value. So we set our sights on designing the best version of the most widely used butterfly valve type to be more robust and last even longer -- delivering better value. The valves are ideal for chilled water, hot water and open-loop cooling tower applications." Mahesh Nair, Siemens' Butterfly Product Manager

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Wed, Jun 24, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT


Mahesh Nair is excited about Siemens’ new resilient seat butterfly valve design that offers life cycles of 300,000 repositions, 30, 000 strokes, and commercial actuators with 1.5 million repositions. Siemens has solved the three greatest butterfly valve pain points: high temperature performance, bubble-tight shutoff for 0% leakage, and on-time deliveries. Watch, and learn more!


Available in 2- to 24-inch sizes (60 -610 mm) with Cv ranging from 144 to 33,154. Siemens butterfly valves control hot and chilled water with up to 50% glycol over a temperature range of -40° F to 250° F. Used with A-Series industrial actuators and OpenAir™ damper actuators.

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With Siemens New Resilient Seat Butterfly Valves, More is Better Common butterfly valve pain points:
• Valve failure at high temperatures
• Valve failures due to poor construction
• Too many valve leaks
• Product availability and support issues
Join our live webinar on June 24, 2020 to learn from Siemens experts why more is better with our new resilient seat butterfly valves. The session will cover:
• Common pain points answered
• Why Siemens? More is better
• Features, benefits and overview of Butterfly Valves and Actuators
• Smart part numbering system and how it works
• Improved lead time and support
• Available tools and resources

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